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22 March 2019

How Much Longer?

by Pastor Solly Bendrau

“Lord how long will the wicked, how long will the wicked triumph?”

Psalm 94:3

In our selfishness and our spiritual blindness, we often look outwardly at the injustice and sin of others and at circumstances that affect and do us harm. In doing that, just like David here, we complain and point fingers at God for allowing it and taking too long to deal with it.

We would do far better to look inwardly at those things in our lives which sadden, offend and grieve God. The more we please Him, turn to Him and humble ourselves, the more He can guide and protect us from the injustices of this world, often just enough to get through, but always more than sufficient to praise Him and witness to others.


Father, help, strengthen and guide me daily to do away with that in me that offends You, so that I may walk uprightly for Your honour and glory.