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27 May 2019

A Thought For The Day

by Pastor Kenneth Woolard

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

2 Timothy 1:7

Your challenge today is to ask yourself, "Is my thinking right?” What are those thoughts you think about most?

Often we don’t verbalise those deep thoughts in our minds, those thoughts that create our own little world of how we view life. We can live our whole life without questioning our thoughts, and our perception of reality becomes no different to the rest of society.

What thoughts do you “hide” from God? Are you in control of your thinking? We must understand that although our minds are so beautiful and have the capability to be compassionate, caring and creative, they can also be destructive, hurtful... and EVIL! The human mind can be our own worst enemy!

To understand if you have control of your thoughts, you have to know what is driving your thoughts. There are three influences that control your thinking and they are faith, fact and feeling. Everyday you get to choose which one drives your thinking. If you allow Godly facts to drive your thinking, you will be in control of your mind. God will be able to fill your mind with joy, peace and contentment, and He will take away the fear, anxiety and stress you experience.

The choice is yours to take up the challenge - THINK about it!


Dear Lord, may I assess my motives in everything that I do so I can do what is right according to You.